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Will the engine stop suddenly when sailing? Is this a very unpleasant situation for you? Please make sure the outboard engine runs reliably. The marine experience is different, and the high quality stator will bring you comfortable experience

Will outboard engine encounter stator fault? Yes, the stator performance of some outboard engines is poor, but not very good, and the stator performance of other smaller outboard engines is also poor. The stator generates electricity, which the engine uses to operate the ignition system to run the engine.

This problem is affected by many factors. I will discuss them one by one. You can find out which one is suitable for you

What is a stator

The stator is a very important part of the outboard engine electrical system. In short, there are many electrical requirements on board. Lighting, ignition, fuel pump and starter all consume different amounts of power.

In short, batteries can provide this power. The battery will soon run out, but if it's not the star of the charging system, it's the stator.The stator can be regarded as part of the power generation, which can make the battery fully charged until the ship works normally.

If the stator fails, you won't be charging the boat's batteries while running!

The stator supplies the battery with electricity

Signs & Symptoms Of A Bad Stator

If there is a problem with the stator, it is difficult to detect

It is important to note which engine you are using. Because the stator is the power to generate the power needed by the engine to produce sparks and run.

The outboard has only one or two smaller cylinders. If the stator fails, it will not even start and run!

Larger engines have four, six or eight cylinders. The stator with different parts will be used.

Some stators will be split into two, three, four or even six and a half! This means that one winding will generate electricity for one, two or three different cylinders!

Therefore, if one winding will fail. The engine will lose spark on one or all of the cylinders. It makes the engine run badly.

That's why your stator may be damaged, but the engine will still run, very bad.


Why Do Outboard Stators Go Bad?

There are many reasons for stator failure, such as aging, overheating, deformation, wear during use, which may lead to stator damage.

The stator wires may be corroded by dirty engines or burned due to overheating.

Aging, high temperature and corrosion are the main causes of stator damage

How Do I Know If My Stator Is Bad?

You can judge whether there is a problem with the stator according to the symptoms of the engine, although this is not very accurate, it is necessary to do some tests on the stator.

You can also view the surface condition of the stator. If the surface has been corroded or a fuse is found, it can be confirmed that the stator has been damaged.

How To Test An Outboard Stator

The stator is manufactured by different manufacturers, so the test method is different

But, in the general sense, there are some tests that you can do on almost any stator and tell a lot of whether it has failed or not.

The number one test is to ground it out. In order to perform this test. You will need to have a digital multi-meter. 

What you will do, is find the plug that goes to the stator. Then disconnect it. With that disconnected. You can set the meter to read ohms or resistance.

Then connect the negative meter lead to any engine ground that is on the block. And take the positive meter lead and check for a short to ground at each and every wire that is coming out of the stator.

If you find that there is continuity between the wire going to the windings in the stator. Then you know that the stator is shorted to ground and you will need to replace the stator.

Then, on other stators, you can check the resistance between the wires coming out of the stator. Some of these stators will have a certain amount of resistance between the wires.

And others will have straight continuity between the wires. This is why it is important for you to find the service manual for the specific engine you are trying to test the stator on.

And go by the specs found in the book to test the stator. Because there is also a voltage reading that can be performed to see what kind of power the stator produces.

But you will need to have a digital voltage adapter to test this to keep the fuses in your meter from blowing. So be sure to test your engine’s stator based on the service manual specs and tests!


Will An Outboard Run Without Stator?


It depends on the type of engine.

As mentioned earlier, some large engines may operate with stator damage, but most engines will not operate properly without the stator

Now you know about the outboard stator and how to test it

If you find that you want to replace the stator after the test, but you don't know how to buy it or are interested in it, please go to our website to have a look,or contact us