Why check whether the impeller is normal - jetunitparts

Here's a quick little article for you, which is a hidden problem when it comes to outboard engines..Proper maintenance is essential, whether it is to put the ship on hold for winter storage or for the fishing season to come.

This item is called the impeller, which is crucial to keep the engine temperature constant and a safe engine temperature, not only can make the engine work normally, but also won't break down.

The impeller rotates at a high speed, extracting water from the surface of the ship and pumping it into the engine

An impeller is made of rubber, which means that, with the passage of time, the impeller is prone to aging and damage, and a damaged impeller will greatly affect the normal use of the engine

This is called a hidden problem mainly because the impeller is rarely checked during spring adjustment unless you specify that it needs to be checked.Under normal circumstances, the repairman is busy checking the ignition coil, spark plug and other engine accessories.

The impeller is located in the lower part of the outboard, and it will take a lot of time if you ask a repairman to inspect the impeller(If the maintenance engineer finds that the impeller is in good condition after inspection, people may not feel the need to spend so much time on it)

It's a good decision to check your impeller every three years

Once all the inspections and repairs are done, you can start fishing